Music Theory Made Easy

Decoder: Circle of Fifths

Music Theory Made Easy

Decoder: Cheat Sheets

Music Theory Made Easy

Decoder: Chord Compass

Learn more. Play more.

Chord Compass

Navigate the guitar neck easily. Learn how to find the root, 3rd and 5th in different positions on the fretboard. Open up your chord palette, enrich your range of chords, tones and inversions.

Learn About Chord Compass

Circle of Fifths

An interactive spin on the classic circle of fifths. Decoder: Circle of Fifths teaches you this essential music theory concept without information overload. Encouraging play as you learn.

Learn About Circle of Fifths

Cheat Sheets

Unlock the secrets of musicality! These guides help budding musicians to quickly grasp music theory concepts. Learn structure with intuitive diagrams and simple playing exercises.

Learn About Cheat Sheets
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