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Wee Stand™

The lightest, most versatile, ultra-portable music stand on the planet

Tired of seeing our children struggle with their music stands, we were inspired to lighten their load and give them more time to play! Thanks to its lightweight and portable design, Wee Stand is the only portable music stand you (or your little Mozart) will ever need. But don’t be fooled by its size – Wee Stand performs! From traveling musicians to learners on their way to lessons, everyone needs a Wee Stand in their bag.

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Grandstand: The last stand you'll ever need.

How will you play?

Grandstand is more than a music stand. Consisting of 2 bases and 3 media plates. Built to last, swappable media plates, standing desk and the largest vertical range; Grandstand evolves with your playing.

Makes a Statement

Modern music furniture designed to enhance your playing – and your home.

Safe and Secure

Padded secure clips firmly grip your devices to keep them safe in any position

Quick and Versatile

Adapts to the way you play with features like interchangeable media plates, desk mode and vantage angle.

Unmatched Height Range

From a seated height of 52cm, to as high as 160cm for singers, trombone players – and tall people!

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Manufacturing September – November. 

Test build units and production December -January.

Grandstand ships to backers!