Decoder: Guitar Chord Compass

Decoder: Chord Compass for Guitar

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Navigate you way through the CAGED system for guitar. Chord Compass harnesses the power of the CAGED system. You'll learn to open up the fretboard by learning the relationship of chords across the guitar neck and gain understanding of how to play chord inversions, barre chords, and scales in different positions.

Chord Compass shows you five ways to play any major chord using CAGED. Use the slider on the back of the Decoder to move the shapes along the fretboard.

CAGED System Integration

Utilizing the renowned CAGED system, the device groups chord positions into easily recognizable shapes, making it easier than ever to memorize and apply them in your playing.

Guitar Chord Compass displays the structure of any chord in 5 different positions, helping you to see and understand how chords are formed across the fretboard.

Ideal for Advancing Players

Perfect for guitarists looking to move beyond basic chords and explore the fretboard further from the nut. This tool is essential for anyone wanting to expand their chord vocabulary and play more creatively.

Triads and Beyond

Each chord position highlights triads, which are then expanded in an accompanying 88-page book. This comprehensive guide is packed with detailed explanations and visual aids, helping you expand your chord knowledge and versatility.

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