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At the heart of Grandstand lies a mechanism - the ‘Quick Click’. This seat belt buckle-ish part is the unifying feature on all Grandstand components. The mechanism allows users to instantly swap their media plates at the press of a button and with a satisfying ‘click’.

This circular button, found exclusively on Grandstand, is a distinctive detail that expands the functionality of the product.  Using Quick Click allows interchangeable bases and plates that can be used far beyond music, into the kitchen and the office among other uses. It also adds a huge amount of complexity to the design, engineering and manufacturing process.

Phillipe Starck (Industrial Designer) Left, Tony Stark (Iron Man) right.



How strong should the click be?

The click needs to hold the media plate securely to the Grandstand and not allow the weight of the media plate and music book (or an expensive laptop) to pull the plate out. Sturdiness is the highest priority for a close fitting piece. We experimented with several solutions and determined that a thin layer of compliant foam best helped to minimise any wobble between components.  The result is a great feeling “click” every time you push the plate in.



But what happens if I tip it over? Will my beautiful wooden plate be damaged?

One of the common issues with music stands is that when they tip over, the force of the impact can damage the media plate. This is not so much of a problem when the product is made from cheap thin metal… We’ve all used very beat up (loved) music stands in the past - they wear them well. However, Grandstand is made from Forest Stewardship Certified plywood, so we don't want to easily damage this beautiful finish. How do we protect the whole system in the event that it tips over? It took us multiple iterations but we engineered the solution. A delicate balance of security, when holding the plate, and safety when the plate needs to pop out.




We want you to play more. Grandstand’s purpose is to encourage engagement and to display your passion proudly. When friends come round for dinner, there is no reason to pack away your practice. Display your music proudly. Hopefully the discerning eye gravitates towards the centre, the heart of the media plate, the Quick Click. The brief here - design something which is more Philippe Starck, less Tony Stark…


Did we succeed?


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Jan Zawada @ Mon, Jun 24, 24

Saw one of these on a gig Saturday, what price please… Michael Orchard was a crowd fundraiser and it was his that I saw, many thanks Jan

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