About Noisy Clan

Everyone should make more NOISE! 

We believe that music, noise, sound, whatever you’d like to call it, brings people together and improves the world. Music enhances emotions, cuts through social and political barriers and lifts spirits whether you are making or listening to it.  Music is universal and we are all on our own musical journey whether we create, play or consume.  Noisy Clan wants to support you on your journey.

Who we are:

Noisy Clan is a small company, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, composed of enthusiasts, designers, music creators and consumers who want to have more people make more music.

What we do:

We create and produce unique designs of accessories and music tools for enthusiasts across the world to aid them on their musical journey.

We strive to improve on what is out there and to make music accessories more usable. We try to address users' needs, put a fresh spin (literally with our Decoder Circle of Fifths) on design, and to build products that we enjoy using and would want our friends and family to use.

Why we do what we do:

Founded by David and Yulie Law in Edinburgh in 2018 the eureka moment came for them watching their children struggle to school with traditional music stands - bulky, heavy, sharp edges and not fun to use or even store - something had to be done… introducing WEE STAND!

After many, many prototypes we launched Wee Stand on Kickstarter in 2021 and shipped over 3000 units to 40+ countries worldwide. From there Noisy Clan assembled a team of innovators, creatives, learners and most importantly - music lovers to bring great products to aspiring musicians.

At the core of Noisy Clan, you’ll find musicians who have encountered the same struggles you have and are no longer willing to be drowned out in the crowd. Every Noisy Clan product is infused with a spark of innovation to solve the daily struggles of musicians around the world.

Our products are worth shouting about! The award-winning Wee Stand is 550g making it ultra-lightweight and portable. This pint-sized stand packs a punch and can be quickly set up and packed away in seconds so you never miss a beat! 

Grandstand is our take on the home music stand, its elegant design makes it a stunning centerpiece for any music room. Grandstand is equipped with a multitude of features that eliminate the struggles of playing with old music stands. It includes our Quick Click mechanism allowing you to swap media plates with a simple and satisfying click.

Meet the Team



A graduate of the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, David earned his design chops in California’s Silicon Valley. Among his many accomplishments, he co-founded Speck, a global leader in innovative phone cases and accessories. A lifelong musician, this is his dream gig: creating music accessories that are both beautiful and effortlessly functional. For David, Noisy Clan is “A place where music isn’t just consumed but is created and shared.“

Favourite instrument: Guitar, for its versatility



With a keen eye and a curious mind, Joe is a true Renaissance man. His musical tastes run the gamut from classical jazz to African beats, but he especially enjoys artists who aren’t afraid to break genre boundaries, particularly in electronic music. Noisy Clan’s non-judgemental vibe has inspired Joe to get in touch with his musical roots: “I have new hope for discovering my musical ability!”

Favourite instrument: Guitar, inspired by his talented dad



Also a proud graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, Li's creative journey has seamlessly woven through both Asia and the UK. Her affection for music transcends borders; her tastes flow and change with her moods. For Li, Noisy Clan is a harmonious fusion of creativity and design, where music meets innovation, and where the goal is to inspire individuals and help them explore their unique musical paths.

Favourite instrument: find her on stage with a mic… the true karaoke queen!



A guitarist and songwriter in multiple bands, designer Phil loves talking the language of music. For him, Noisy Clan is all about finding new perspectives: “I love exploring how we can improve the experience of playing and learning music, through the design of great products."

Favourite instrument: Trumpet, for face melting jazz solos.



If ‘Eclectic’ were the name of the band, then Saskia would be the lead guitarist, singer and drummer. Her music taste varies from her parents’ love of Fleetwood Mac to her brother’s 90s Green Day influence. Growing up in a musical family Saskia has enjoyed being surrounded by musicians and thinks that creativity can be brought to so many lives through song!

Favourite instrument: Flute, inspired by the beauty and elegance of the instrument



Sam’s wide range of musical tastes provide a soundtrack for her life and much vocal exercise on a drive. For Sam, Noisy Clan is about emotions: “For me, music helps put into perspective where I’ve been and where I’m going. It’s a safe place to put your feelings out, and reflect on important people and special moments on your life journey.”

Favourite instrument: Piano, which she played during childhood and rediscovering the love



Rory is a graphic fanatic, and globe trotter of the group. His ideal radio show would be an experimental 80’s/90’s concoction. But luckily for him, Rory actually does host a monthly radio show on EHFM (an Edinburgh local). With his creative eye, Rory wants to help bring accessible and fun learning to music theory laymen (such as himself) using design.

Favourite instrument: percussion!



A longtime singer and musician, Yulie has recently picked up the double bass, where she is still in the ‘achy finger’ stage. She loves that Noisy Clan feels brings people together: “It’s like a family reunion – everyone coming together for a big celebration!”

Favourite instrument: Ukulele, because it's a happy, pick-up & sing-along anywhere instrument!



An expert greeter. You can catch Ollie around the office managing the vibe and letting us know when the post has arrived. He enjoys singing with his family and loves to listen to his family play. Ollie encourages his teammates to take breaks for fetch or a walk. He is always accepting pets and treats.

Favourite instrument: currently battling Li for lead vocals.

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