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Stunning at-home music stand.

A music system consisting of interchangeable bases and media plates. Easily swap media plates between the bases using our Quick-Click system. This revolutionary platform offers maximum playing options, without sacrificing style. Grandstand’s high-grade wood and superior finish ensure that it looks "at home," no matter where it’s placed. It is versatile, aesthetically pleasing and practical.

  • Secure Devices

    All media plates are equipped with easy to use Secure Clips that won’t scratch or damage screens. Focus on playing instead of worrying about your devices! 

  • grandstand large height range

    Largest Range

    Using the Grandstand system, you can go from 20cm in Tabletop Mode to 52cm (20.5in) in Seated Mode to 160cm (63 in) in Standing Mode.

  • Quick-Click

    Media Plates are interchangeable with Grandstand Bases in seconds with a simple and satisfying click. Quickly change you plate to fit your playing style.

  • grandstand horizontal lock

    Easy Adjust

    Grandstand easily adjusts for multiple ways to play. Whether it's changing bases, configuring height or locking into desk mode, you'll get to the song quickly.

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Musician Bundle Noisy Clan

Versatile, aesthetically pleasing and practical.

You’re proud to display your instrument, so why not your music stand? Music stands have always been plain and boring - we decided to raise the standard, with premium materials, finishes and patented features. Grandstand commands attention and will be by your side for years to come. 

  • grandstand desk mode guitar lesson

    Desk Mode

    This feature locks your media plate in a horizontal position for additional security when using laptops. For seated and standing musicians.

  • grandstand over vertical tablet

    Vantage Angle

    Bases are designed to accommodate your preferred viewing angle. Secure Clips ensure media plates safely point downward.

  • tabletop grandstand teacher


    Alter bases to use in a seated position. Easily tilt and rotate media plates to fit you. Grab a comfy chair- you'll want to play for a while!

  • Standing

    Attune the Tripod Base to the perfect standing height with a simple pull of the central pole. Use twist-lock mechanism for extra height- up to 63 inches!

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