Decoder: Circle of Fifths

Decoder: Circle of Fifths for Guitar

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Geared for Guitarists

This is the bridge between guitar and music theory. You'll learn how to build chords and understand the relationships between keys, chords, notes and scales for guitar. This book and tool allows you to explore the framework of the fretboard by using the circle of fourths and fifths. Very effective for songwriting!

Complete with a 72 page booklet packed with examples and handy tips to get you playing straight out of the box. It covers a variety of music theories with modern music examples. With extended chapters on songwriting and soloing, deep dives into chord building and even scale building.

Lightweight and Durable. Use flat or prop it up with it's built in snap stand! Ready to follow wherever you play!

¥216.00 CNY
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 Decode Music Theory

With Decoder: Circle of Fifths, focus on one key at a time without information overload. It shows you the key signatures for each key by visually highlighting which notes are flat or sharp AND shows you where they appear in each key's major scale.

Transpose key with a turn of the wheel

Change key effortlessly and transpose instantly with a turn of the Decoder’s wheel. The clear graphics visually separate major, minor and diminished chords for easy differentiation at a glance.  

Expose and Analyze Chord Progressions

Take a look at the Quick Chords, reminders under every window to build triads for each chord without having to turn the wheel. This way, you can see how chords are built up from the notes. Plus, check out the selection of 12 common chord progressions on the back!

Compose Songs

Organised keys, chords, notes, and scales according to what they have in common and how good they sound together.  You’ll also find songwriting shortcuts to bring your brand new songs to life and learn to recognise commonly used chord progressions, unlocking the mystery of how a roomful of jamming musicians can play well together without a shred of sheet music.

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