Catch a Concert - Edinburgh’s Music Scene

Catch a Concert - Edinburgh’s Music Scene

Calling all music lovers turned Noise Makers! Noisy Clan is a Scottish start up based in Edinburgh. What better way to get to know our background than to get to know the birthplace of Noisy Clan. Aside from beautiful architecture, history and culture, Edinburgh is home to some secret, and some not so secret, musical gems. 


Here at Noisy Clan we have curated the perfect checklist for Edinburgh’s musical hotspots: 


Concert Celebrator, Orchestra Onlooker, Rock Regular, or Musical Mover? Usher Hall has it all!

Home to the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, and musical events spanning across the spectrum from modern pop to classical, opera, jazz, and musical theatre. Edinburgh's Usher Hall is the pinnacle venue for hosting concerts since its construction in 1914. The 1972 Eurovision Song Contest was even hosted in Usher Hall! One of Usher Halls most beloved features is the grand organ situated in the auditorium, designed to visually and musically be the focal point of the great hall. The organ was restored in 2003 after it fell into disuse from lack of reliability, but thankfully, it is now sounding as beautiful as ever!

usher hall 


St Cecilia's Hall : The Venn diagram of music, art and education 

Looking for something more historical and educational? St Cecilia's Hall, owned by the University of Edinburgh, plays host to Scotland's oldest purpose-built concert Hall dating back to 1763, yet today, it also doubles as a museum. The museum holds more than 500 instruments and has an active programme of conservation and restoration. The collections include beautifully hand painted instruments such as a vast variety of keyboards, harpsichords, spinets, fortepianos, harps, lutes, citterns and many more!

st. cecilia hall

Adopt and Donate a Piano

Made from upcycled pianos, the Pianodrome is the world's first amphitheatre to do so. Located in Ocean Terminal, the Pianodrome uses different venues across Edinburgh to transform them into an upcycled Amphitheatre.  Locations previously used have been the Royal Botanical Gardens, Leith Theatre and the Pitt. What's more, Pianodrome runs an adopt and donate piano service. They advocate the importance of playing music for mental health. Looking for a piano to go to a new home, or looking to bring one into yours?

St Cecilia Hall


The Jazz bar 

The Jazz Bar is a live music venue and bar located in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland, known for hosting jazz performances, as well as other genres of music. It has a reputation for being one of the best jazz clubs in Scotland and attracts a wide range of local and international musicians and audiences. Staging over 1,300 gigs a year, the jazz bar contributes greatly to the Edinburgh music scene. Expect a small fee at the door upon entrance, this ensures that all musicians are paid for their hard work!

jazz bar


Gigs galore 

Cowgate, located in the heart of Edinburgh, to the untrained eye is just another historic street situated on the lower level of Edinburgh's Old Town. At night, however, the street radiates musical energy, a buzz that keeps locals awake until the early hours. The nightlife aside, the musical scene emulates live music, gigs and shows that enlightened the ears of music lovers. For upcoming artists Cowgate bars and clubs are the place to visit.

A few honourable mentions include Stramash, a live music bar inside a converted church with a wide area to dance. The Mash House, a loft-inspired music venue covering three floors with a bar that hosts live music sessions, and Sneaky Petes, an intimate venue known to be the ‘king of the capital's music scene.’

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