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Wee Stand

Wee Stand

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The lightest ultra-portable music stand. Ever.

Sturdy & durable music stand holds any media at multiple heights and angles, but folds small enough to fit in your pocket!

Wee Stand is fully adjustable. Media plate can be tilted at any angle. Wee Stand can be used in table top mode up to standing height with five heights in between. Weighing a mere 560 grams (20oz) yet Wee Stand’s carbon fibre legs can bear up to 10kg of weight. The media plate can support 630g at 90 degrees and 800g at 45 degrees.

 Product Specifications

Weight Kg (lbs)

0.56 (~1.23)

Length (Closed) mm (in)

293 (1)

Width (Closed) (mm)


Depth (Closed) (mm)


Min. Shelf Height (mm)


Max Shelf Height (mm)


Max weight capacity (kg)

up to 10 

✓ Ultra Lightweight

Made of durable glass-infused, stainless steel and light carbon fibres. Wee Stand weighs only 1lb.yet is strong enough to accommodate 22 lbs.

✓ Compact Storage

Wee Stand's edges are sleek and round. This music stand will not scratch your instrument. Wee stand is compact enough to store in most instrument cases.

✓ Adjustable Height Options

Wee Stand is the only music stand that ranges from the tabletop orientation at 11" tall to 49" when full size. There are four additional height settings in between there. Change the way you play in seconds!

✓ Secure Media Clips

Wee Stand holds your music just where you want it. Sheet Saver Tabs for single sheets and swivel clips hold your iPad, songbooks or 1"binder and 22 lbs comfortably. Tension-lock legs don't slide down when you play.

✓ Versatile Media Plate

Easily adjust the angle to fit your playing style - no more thumb screws or lost pieces! The media plate can support 1.4 lbs at a 90° angle, or 1.8 lbs at a 45°angle when used in a portrait (vertical) position.

✓ Strong and Sturdy

Tension locked legs keep Wee Stand from collapsing. It can accommodate 22 lbs. Use Wee Stand's carry strap to serve as a counterweight in windy conditions.

✓ Satisfaction Guaranteed

Noisy Clan offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and One Year Warranty. Warranty information here.

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Wee Stand versatile music stand with harp

Stand Against the Average

Wee Stand sets up and tears down in seconds. Easily adjust height and the media plate angle to fit your playing style. Wee Stand is one piece; no more thumb screws or lost pieces! 

Wee Stand gets you to the fun part- playing!

  • Wee Stand in hand
  • Side of Wee Stand
  • Wee Stand tabletop mode
  • Wee Stand portable travel music stand
  • back of wee stand, wee stand legs
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Made of durable glass-infused plastic, stainless steel and carbon fibre legs, Wee Stand weighs only 1lb. yet is strong enough to accommodate up to 22lbs. Carry strap doubles as anchor point in windy conditions.

  • Wee Stand with book
  • Wee Stand with single sheet music in clips
  • Wee Stand emblem clip
  • Wee Stand tablet holder
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Wee Stand holds your music just where you want it. Sheet Saver Tabs for single sheets and swivel clips hold your iPad, songbooks or 1” binders up to 22 lbs comfortably. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Dimensions & Weight




Length (closed)
11.4 in
Height (table-top)
0.25 in
Height (2) 
7.9 in
Height (3)
16.2 in
Height (4)
24 in
32 in
Height (full)
40 in
Width (media plate closed)
3.2 in
Width (media plate open)
8.7 in
1.3 in
Max Weight Capacity
Min. Shelf Height
0 inch
Max Shelf Height
Depth of Media Plate Shelf


*HEIGHT - measured from ground to bottom lip of media plate



Body: PC/ABS +20%GF (20% Recycled)

Legs: Carbon Fiber

Metal: Stainless Steel



Body: PC/ABS +20%GF (20% Recycled)

Legs: Carbon Fiber

Metal: Stainless Steel

Shipping & Returns

In order to make shipping faster and more cost-effective, we will be shipping from locations in the US, UK, and the EU.

All products (that are not in pre-order) ship within 24 hours. Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime to check on your order

If you need to return, please contact detailing your reason for return and any relevant photos should your product have a fault. A member of our team will work with you to ensure your Wee Stand is safely returned to us. Please include your order number and email associated with the purchase.

How to use Wee Stand

Why does the centre leg come forward, instead of back, like a tripod?

This is a product feature that we spend a lot of time testing and exploring. We ended up going with a centre leg coming towards the user for three reasons:

  • One thing that we noticed would be difficult with two legs being in front and the centre leg going away is sitting in a chair while using it; it would lead to one’s knees bumping into the stand, while a centre leg going towards the user would allow them to straddle it more comfortably. When standing this also helps the user stand closer if they wish for the same reason.
  • Additionally, we found that the risk of bumping into a leg and knocking it over was reduced when there is only one leg to bump, rather than two. The two legs going back also provide resistance to falling over should the centre leg be bumped.
  • Finally, when interacting with the media plate having two legs behind allows for better stability when pressing or touching things in front of you.

Can Wee Stand accommodate  3-5 sheets?

No.  Wee Stand is ultra-portable while still accommodating binders, heavy books and two side by side pages.  For larger swappable media plates check out Grandstand our gorgeous music stand system.

Can Wee Stand accomodate a 500 page book?

Wee stand is designed to be ultra-portable. Although it can accommodate the weight of a binder or a big music book, we recommend Grandstand for larger media

What weight can media plate support on an angle?

The media plate can support 1.4 lbs at a 90° angle, or 1.8 lbs at a 45°angle when used in a portrait (vertical) position.

How tall can the media plate be adjusted?

The media plate can tilt as high as you want it. The weight of media influences how high it is able to stay.

The media plate can support 1.4 lbs at a 90° angle, or 1.8 lbs at a 45°angle when used in a portrait (vertical) position.

Why is Wee Stand worth the investment?

This music stand is the first of its kind, designed from the ground up to be lighter and more portable than anything on the market. The design we are launching uses premium and expensive materials, including glass-filled polycarbonate/ABS, carbon fibre legs, and a custom-designed friction hinge.

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