Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How to use Grandstand

Q: What is Grandstand?

A music system consisting of interchangeable bases and media plates. Easily swap media plates between the bases using our Quick-Click system. Grandstand is versatile, aesthetically pleasing and practical. This revolutionary platform offers maximum playing options, without sacrificing style.

Q: Why should I use Grandstand?

Musicians’ needs have evolved; we need more versatility, yet home music stands have remained unchanged. With interchangeable plates designed to hold and protect both traditional and modern media, Grandstand adapts to you and your playing style at any angle. Grand stand offers the largest vertical height range for musicians.

Q: Dimensions & Materials

Tripod Base

Minimum Height: 20.5 inches

Maximum Height: 63 inches

Footprint: 16 inches

Weight: 5.3 pounds 

Material: Steel and Wood combination


Tabletop Base

Height: 7.8 inches

Width: 7.8 inches

Weight: 1.5 pounds 

Material: Steel


Wood Media Plate 24

 Height: 12.6 inches

Width: 20.4 inches

Shelf Depth: 3.14 inches

Weight: 3 pounds 

Material: Steel and Wood combination


Wood Media Plate 14

Height: 8.9 inches

Width: 9.8 inches

Shelf Depth: 3.14 inches

Weight: 1.2 pounds 

Material: Steel and Wood combination

 grandstand tablet holder on tabletop base

Tablet Holder

Height: 7.5 inches

Width: 9.8 inches

Shelf Depth: 2.3 inches

Weight: .88 pounds 

Material: Powder coated steel

Q: What is Tabletop Base?

Part of the Grandstand system, the Tabletop Base is a tabletop companion designed to accommodate the same media plates as Tripod Base thanks to our Quick-Click mechanism.

Q: What is the Tripod Base?

Part of the Grandstand system, the tripod base is the main platform, floor mounted, in which you will attach your media plates to.

Q: What is Quick-Click mechanism?

Quick-Click mechanism allows you to swap your media plate in seconds with a simple and satisfying click.

Q: Can I secure devices to Grandstand?

Our strong, padded Secure Clips hold your tablet or laptop firmly, without fear of it flying off mid-performance. They also hold your device securely, without interfering with your view of the music. Our instructional video above walks you through how to use the Secure Clips.

Q: Can I travel with Grandstand?

Grandstand can be collapsed for easy storage or travel. However, if you are look for portability in your music stand check out Wee Stand.