Decoder: Circle of Fifths

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Dimensions & Materials

Materials: Polypropylene, nickel press studs.

Dimensions: 146mm x 146mm x 4mm (W x L x D)

Weight: Decoder 45g (0.1lbs) , Book 150g (0.33lbs)

Q: How to use Decoder: Circle of Fifths

Q: How can I get a Digital Reading Companion

Q: What is the Circle of Fifths?

The Circle of Fifths arranges the 12 major keys found in western music, in a circle. Each key is separated by an interval of a 5th - hence the Circle of Fifths! 

Q: Why buy this when you should memorize the circle if fifths?

We believe in time our Decoder: Circle of Fifths will likely memorize the circle of fifths. The best part about Decoder is allow you to play more as you learn.

Q: How many pages are in the booklet?

Decoder: Circle of Fifths comes with a Reading Companion - a 36 page booklet packed with examples and handy tips to get you playing straight out of the box.

Q: I'm a beginner. Can I Use Decoder: Circle of Fifths?

Yes, Decoder: Circle of Fifths and its accompanying reading companion are designed to help musicians of all abilities. As you learn, you can progress through the book and find new ways to apply the circle of fifths to your playing.

Q: What is the difference between the yellow and green Decoder?

The Yellow Decoder has an optional built in stand. It snaps in place in the back or can be snapped out of the way. The yellow Decoder is made of plastic. The green Decoder is made of cardboard.

Q: Is the Reading Companion published in other languages?

The Reading Companion is available digitally in English, French, Spanish and German.