Digital Decoder: Circle of Fifths

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How to use Decoder

circle of fifths key

Finding Key

The exposed note at the top- your anchor! The rest of the exposed notes are telling you what sound good in this key. The Key Signature tells you which notes and chords will be flat or sharp in the chosen key.

circle of fifths chords on decoder

Chords in Key

The major and minor chords are separated. The major chords sit on top, the minor chords at the bottom, and the diminished chord sits in the middle.

circle of fifths quick chord

Quick Chords

Use Quick Chords reminders under every window to build triads for each chord without having to turn the wheel.

Decoder: Circle of Fifths

  • decoder for learning decoder

    Transpose key with a turn of the wheel

    Change key effortlessly and transpose instantly with a turn of the Decoder’s wheel. The clear graphics visually separate major, minor and diminished chords.

  • Decode Music Theory

    With Decoder, focus on one key at a time without information overload. It is an easy-to-digest, graphical representation of the structures in the music we hear daily.

  • Expose and Analyze Chord Progressions

    Check out the selection of 12 common chord progressions on the back to get you playing and applying your new Circle of Fifths knowledge. 

  • learn to play guitar with tool

    Compose your own songs

    More than a cheat sheet. It organises keys, chords, notes, and scales according to what they have in common and how good they sound together. 

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