Decoder: Circle of Fifths for Guitar Noisy Clan Decoder: Circle of Fifths for Guitar Noisy Clan
Decoder: Circle of Fifths for Guitar CHF 27.00
Geared for Guitarists This is the bridge between guitar and music theory. You'll learn how to build chords and understand the relationships between keys, chords, notes and scales for guitar. This book and tool allows you to explore the framework of the fretboard by using the circle of fourths and fifths. Very effective for songwriting! Complete with a 72 page booklet packed with examples and handy tips to get you playing straight out of the box. It covers a variety of music theories with modern music examples. With extended chapters on songwriting and soloing, deep dives into chord building and even scale building. Lightweight and Durable. Use flat or prop it up with it's built in snap stand! Ready to follow wherever you play!
Cheat Sheets for Guitar Noisy Clan Cheat Sheets for Guitar Noisy Clan
Cheat Sheets for Guitar CHF 16.00
Unlock the secrets of chords, scales, triads, and keys effortlessly with our comprehensive set of 4 reference sheets. These reference sheets help budding guitarists to quickly grasp music theory concepts. Unleash your musical potential and take your guitar skills to the next level! ✓ Convenient Protective Folder ✓ Durable Scuff-Resistant Design ✓ Bonus Music Theory Insights ✓ Products ship within 24 hours  
Decoder: Chord Compass for Guitar Noisy Clan Decoder: Chord Compass Noisy Clan
Decoder: Chord Compass for Guitar CHF 29.00
COMING SOON! Teaches the formula to find every single chord on guitar.  Chord Compass for Guitar helps navigate the fretboard by harnessing the power of the CAGED system. This chord training tool shows shows you five ways to play any major chord and modify into thousands of playable chords. You'll open up the fretboard by learning chord structure and the relationship of chords across the guitar neck.  You'll form connections and understanding of how to play chord inversions, barre chords, and scales in different positions.  Use the slider on the back of the Decoder to move the shapes along the fretboard!

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