How-To-Use-Our-Ukulele-Keys-Cheat-Sheet Noisy Clan
How To Use: Our Ukulele Keys Cheat Sheet

One of the greatest cheat sheets in music theory is the circle of fifths. Our Keys cheat sheet organises all possible musical keys (th...

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How-To-Use-Our-Ukulele-Scales-Cheat-Sheet Noisy Clan
How To: Use Our Ukulele Scales Cheat Sheet

Orientation: The Noisy Clan Cheat Sheet for scales visually shows you the structure of 6 different scal...

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Chord-cheat-sheet-Ukulele Noisy Clan
How To: Use our Ukulele Chord Cheat Sheet

Welcome to your first blog instalment of our Cheat Sheets for Ukulele. Let's talk about all things Chords! The building blocks to any awesome chord progression, songwriting session, or soloing compilation. Read more

Grab-A-Ukulele Noisy Clan
Grab A Ukulele

Ukuleles are having a well deserved moment. Actually they may be having a decade. There are several reasons for this. Our household has acquired several ukes over ...

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