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Noisy Clan is calling for musicians to PLAY MORE! With their music theory tool, learning theory has never been easier or more enjoyable than ever before!

Noisy Clan is reimagining the classic music theory concepts. Taking a spin on the classic circle of fifths, this patented tool is tailored to remove the ‘noise’, easily explain the circle of fifths, and most importantly, make music theory fun. 

Chicago, USA - from Wednesday 20th December, 2023 - Noisy Clan, a leading music education and design company, is excited to announce that the Decoder: Circle of Fifths will be available at the Midwest Clinic. A new tool for learning music theory that will elevate any student's skills and assist teachers on their journey to educating musicians. The Decoder won best in the "Gotta Stock It" and “Tools for Schools” category at NAMM 2023. Accompanied with a reading companion, this tool has been designed by musicians for musicians to help solidify necessary music knowledge into the most digestible content. 

Decoder: Circle of Fifths allows learners and musicians to easily understand how to expose, transpose and compose. 

CEO of Noisy Clan, David Law said "Learning the circle of fifths is crucial for theory, but it can be an abstract topic. Decoder: Circle of Fifths finally presents this musical content that is easily digestible for all ability levels. Musicians can unlock this framework to understand and apply exposition, transposition and composition to their music playing.” 

In addition to the Decoder, the included book accompanies the Circle of Fifths tool and helps explain music theory fundamentals from basic to advanced concepts. 

Decoder: Circle of Fifths is available on our website 

Noisy Clan believes everyone should make more NOISE! Founded in 2020, the small Edinburgh based company is composed of music makers and lovers. Noisy Clan believes that music enhances emotions, cuts through social and political barriers, and lifts spirits whether you are making or listening to it. For more information on Decoder: Circle of Fifths, visit   

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