Wee Stand™ by Noisy Clan

Why a music stand? The portable music stand was patented in 1900, modified in the 1950s – and hasn’t really changed since. Every musician has a story. Stands that didn’t deploy easily (or collapsed in the middle of a set!), not to mention the struggle to fold them back up…Seriously, has anyone ever been able to fit a traditional music stand back in the little carrying bag that comes with it?

Welcome to the 21st Century.

Wee Stand by Noisy Clan is a sleek, ultra-portable music stand. The lightest stand on the market, Wee Stand is compact, storable and super fast to deploy and collapse, offering full functionality and ultra-portability for musicians on the go. 

Our ultra-portable music stand was designed with an exacting attention to detail. When you take a closer look, you’ll realise why it took us nearly three years to perfect this innovative music accessory.


Designed to be used with any instrument, you can easily adjust Wee Stand™ to the proper height and tilt. Carbon fibre legs make it strong enough to withstand 50 pounds of bending force, yet at just over 500 grams (about the size of a small bottled water), it’s small enough to slip into your gig bag.  

Conveniently stackable when closed, there are no sharp edges to damage your beloved instruments. Thoughtful design and high quality materials make Wee Stand™ highly practical and stylish. 

We are musicians and parents of musicians who wanted to spend less time fiddling with our gear and more time playing music! We designed Wee Stand because, as parents, we wanted to lighten the load for our kids – and to make music lessons more fun.

As designers, we are always looking for improved form and functionality. Driven by a love of music and our collective design expertise, Noisy Clan music accessories are sleek, simple, and satisfying.

Wherever you are on your musical journey, 
join Noisy Clan to share, learn and grow as an artist!

The NoiseMakers



Favourite instrument: Guitar, for its versatility

A graduate of the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, David earned his design chops in California’s Silicon Valley. Among his many accomplishments, he co-founded Speck, a global leader in innovative phone cases and accessories. A lifelong musician, this is his dream gig: creating music accessories that are both beautiful and effortlessly functional. For David, Noisy Clan is “A place where music isn’t just consumed but is created and shared.“


Chief Marketing Officer

Favourite instrument: Bass guitar, cuz ya gotta have a beat

A musical theatre nerd since childhood, Jessica was raised on the folk and rock legends of the 60s & 70s. She loves many genres of music – a passion she shares with her (very musical) 10-yr-old daughter.  For her, Noisy Clan is all about the strong emotional connections: “Music always hits you right in the feels.”


Product Design Engineer

Favourite instrument: Keys for writing, guitar for jamming

Another GSA graduate, American expat Jaren has been making music from Colorado to Montreaux for the past 16 years. A ‘tinkerer’ since childhood, Jaren loves taking things apart and figuring out how to make them better. For him, Noisy Clan is about getting to the heart of making music: “There’s more to music than hitting the right notes at the right time.”


Brand Manager

Favourite instrument: Bass guitar, the unsung hero of some of music’s greatest guitar riffs

Bobby has been around music since childhood, but, like many of us, had stopped playing much, as life stuff got in the way. When the lockdown happened, he used the opportunity to get back into the wonderful world of playing music. These days, he thinks of himself as a ‘relearner’ and he enjoys playing bass even more the second time around! For Bobby, “Noisy Clan is a community; a place for musicians to bond over our love for music and make a little noise in the process.”


Product Development

Favourite instrument: Guitar, inspired by his talented dad

With a keen eye and a curious mind, Joe is a true Renaissance man. His musical tastes run the gamut from classical jazz to African beats, but he especially enjoys artists who aren’t afraid to break genre boundaries, particularly in electronic music. Noisy Clan’s non-judgemental vibe has inspired Joe to get in touch with his musical roots: “I have new hope for discovering my musical ability!”



Favourite instrument: Cello, because she is moved by the beautiful sound

A longtime singer and musician, Yulie has recently picked up the double bass, where she is still in the ‘achy finger’ stage. She loves that Noisy Clan feels brings people together: “It’s like a family reunion – everyone coming together for a big celebration!”


Web Development

Favourite instrument: Piano, which she has played since childhood

Sam’s eclectic musical tastes provide a soundtrack for her life – and background music to keep her focused. As the mum of 5-year-old triplets, she has her own girl group in the making! For Sam, Noisy Clan is about emotions: “Music helps put into perspective where I’ve been and where I’m going. It’s a safe place to put your feelings out there, to reflect and to honor important people and special moments on your life journey.”



Favourite instrument: Violin, for its awe-inspiring precision

Julie believes that life should be more like a Broadway musical, where people spontaneously burst into song. Despite that, she is just embarking on her own musical journey. To Julie, Noisy Clan is all about inclusion, “It’s a big ol’ jam session and you’re invited!”