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Looking to sharpen your play?

Has your practice gone flat? Stuck in a creative rut? With the Decoder learning aids, you can connect music theory concepts without feeling too overwhelmed. Decoders offer clear graphics that condense information without information overload. Enjoy tools and reference guides that make playing more accessible and fun!

Where can your music go?

Award winning ultra-compact music stand.

Made of durable glass-infused plastic, stainless steel and carbon fibre legs, Wee Stand weighs only 1lb. yet is strong enough to accommodate up to 22lbs.

When stored Wee Stand is tiny, has no sharp edges and safely accompanies your instrument wherever you play. Designed especially for musicians on the go.

Your proud to display your instrument, why not your music stand?

Music stands can be better than good. They can be grand.

We decided to raise the standard, with premium materials, finishes and patented features. This revolutionary platform offers maximum playing options, without sacrificing style. Grandstand’s high-grade wood and superior finish ensure that it looks "at home," no matter where it’s placed. It is versatile, aesthetically pleasing and practical.

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