Decoder: Circle of Fifths

An interactive spin on the classic circle of fifths.

This Decoder teaches the circle of fifths fundamental and essential concepts without information overload. The clear graphics visually separate major, minor and diminished chords.

Decoder: Circle of Fifths helps make exploring harmonics, improvisation and songwriting easy. It quickly organises keys, chords, notes, and scales according to what they have in common and how good they sound together.

Simplify music theory so you can focus on PLAYING

We even added in a little extra - the Quick Chords, reminders under every window to build triads for each chord without having to turn the wheel. Plus, a selection of 12 common chord progressions on the back. This way, you can see how chords are built up from the notes. Helping you get playing and applying your new circle of fifths knowledge.

Give it a spin! Try our Digital Decoder: Circle of Fifths


Quickly and smoothly modulate key. We take the guesswork out of transposition so you can focus on ear training and key flexibility when collaborating with other musicians.


Decode music theory while you play. This tool teaches the circle of fifths concepts by offering an easy-to-grasp representation of the structures in music. Avoiding clutter and confusion.


Expose and analyze chord progressions. Learn how different chords influence mood and harmonically connect verses, choruses, and bridges of songs. 12 of the most commonly used are provided.


Songwriting with more writer's block! This Decoder allows you to quickly experiment with different keys and chord progressions, allowing you to easily compose, arrange and improvise.

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