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Cheat Sheets for Guitar

$27.00 AUD
Unlock the secrets of chords, scales, triads, and keys effortlessly with our comprehensive set of 4 reference sheets. These reference sheets help budding guitarists to quickly grasp music theory concepts. Unleash your musical potential and take your guitar skills to the next level!

✓ Convenient Protective Folder

✓ Durable Scuff-Resistant Design

✓ Bonus Music Theory Insights

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$27.00 AUD
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Learn more. Play more.

Designed with one goal in mind – to get you playing more guitar! Perfect for beginners moving to intermediate. These sheets provide a solid foundation for your musical journey. We don't show you finger positions, we show you how chords are structured.


Keep your theory essentials organized and at your fingertips with our sturdy protective folder. Your reference sheets will stay safe and easily accessible wherever your guitar takes you. Our folder includes additional valuable information to enhance your understanding, making it a must-have tool for those eager to broaden their musical knowledge beyond the basics.


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