Every parent can relate to the weekday ritual; getting our children fed, focused and laden like pack mules. Helping them gear up and get out the door is nerve-wracking on a good day…but there is always the proverbial straw.

For us, that straw came in the form of a music stand. Our kids had become experts at juggling it all; rucksacks, PE kits, instruments, music bags – and music stands. Seriously, it was always the stands that wouldn’t fit. These bulky, awkward creatures would poke, prod, and scratch, creating a domino effect, where normal morning mayhem quickly descends into petulant, “I hate music practise anyway!” As parents and as lifelong musicians, we didn’t want anything to get in the way of our childrens’ joy in playing music.

We decided to do something about it – to help our kids manage their stuff – and to help playing music to be more, well, playful. We designed the world’s lightest, most compact, ultra-portable music stand that can be tucked right into a rucksack, music bag or even a pocket without causing any damage or tears of frustration. Of course, the perfect stand has to perform – quick & easy setup, no sharp edges, fully adjustable, versatile and strong enough to withstand the knocks of everyday life. Yup, our stand has it all: Introducing Wee Stand by Noisy Clan.

We were so in love with this product that we just had to have it for our kids (and ourselves) right now. So after nearly 3 years of development and design prototypes, we worked with our manufacturing partner to bring Wee Stand to life. We have done all the tooling and are thrilled with the quality of our stand! What started out as a solution for our kids has become an essential part of our gear, too!

Noisy Clan team