Learn more. Play more.

Designed with one goal in mind – to get you playing more guitar!

Unravel the mystery of how a roomful of jamming musicians can play well together without a shred of sheet music.


✔️ Open up the fretboard
✔️ Helps improvisation
✔️ Aids transposition
✔️ Master chord inversions
✔️ Learn multiple ways to play the same chord
✔️ Enhances your ear
✔️ Enriches your chord vocabulary
✔️ Juices your creativity

✔️ Shortcuts songwriting

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Decoder: Chord Compass Noisy Clan

Harness the power of the CAGED system

Open up your chord palette, enrich your range of chords, tones and inversions and make you a more efficient guitar player.

Chord Compass allows you to visualise chord shapes on the fretboard and choose where to play a chord or note based on sound, speed or ease of fingering.